The LSQ Academy of Dance provides quality dance instruction for all age and abilities. We recognise that each dancer is an individual and ensure that all students are given the attention and support to achieve their personal best.

There is much to be to gained joining us at the LSQ Academy of Dance. We have Fun!

Besides the obvious health benefits, such as improved fitness, balance and co-ordination. Our Students learn there is no quick fix in Dance. Every achievement is worked for. Our Dancers learn how to present themselves in a professional manner. Attending a Dance class can improve mental health, relieve stress or anxiety too. Joining us at the LSQ is a great way to become part of a community. Friendships made can last a lifetime.

The LSQ Academy of Dance is a member of the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA). Students have regular opportunities to take professionally recognised qualifications for personal development and technique. There is also a strong emphasis on performance in the academy.

Dance is our Passion and we welcome you to join us at the LSQ Academy of Dance!