Lisa Shaw L.I.D.T.A. FDA Dip
Teacher/Choreographer/AdjudicatorPrincipal, Lisa Shaw L.I.D.T.A FDA Dip has performed for many years and worked as an Assistant Entertainments manager and choreographer for numerous Pontin’s Holiday centres. Her many qualifications include Licentiate teaching status with the International Dance Teachers Association along with a Degree in Dance business management. Ms Shaw has worked as a dance teacher for more than fifteen years and has extensive experience as a choreographer and adjudicator of dance. During this period she has had students study with the Royal ballet, several students nominated for I.D.T.A scholarships and many students go onto full time training and a professional career in Dance.

Buckinghamshire & Chilterns New University

Foundation Degree in Dance Teaching Law and Business Management.

  • I.D.T.A. Dance Exercise Diploma.
  • I.D.T.A. Associate Ballet.
  • I.D.T.A. Associate Modern Jazz.
  • I.D.T.A. Associate Tap.
  • I.D.T.A. Associate Theatre Craft.
  • I.D.T.A. Licentiate Ballet.
  • I.D.T.A. Licentiate Theatre Craft
  • I.D.T.A. Licentiate Tap.
  • IDTA/BCA Associate Cheerleading Coach
  • Emergency First Aid
  • RSA Development of Dance History Diploma.
  • RSA Applied Anatomy and Physiology for Dancers.
  • I.S.T.D. Modern Jazz Elementary and Intermediate.
  • I.S.T.D. Ballet Elementary and Intermediate.
  • I.S.T.D. Tap Elementary and Intermediate.
  • I.S.T.D. National Dance Elementary and Intermediate.
  • I.S.T.D. National Associate Teachers Qualification with Distinction.
  • R.A.D. Ballet Elementary.