Dance Styles

Types of Dance we offer


The LSQ Academy of Dance offers a variety of dance styles to suit all ages and abilities. Whether you are a natural performer, keen to train for a stage career, or an explorer who sees the LSQ Academy of Dance as an opportunity to stretch themselves and discover how much you can grow. We are here to help!


Ballet remains the core of teaching ethos at the LSQ Academy of Dance. Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. It provides correct posture, strength, balance and sensitivity which highlight the dynamics required in all aspects of dance.

Boogie Babies First Dance Steps

An ideal introduction to dance for children aged 2-4 years that builds confidence, social skills and imagination, in a warm and nurturing environment. Mums & Dads are welcome to join in too!


Tap Dancing is a unique way of learning rhythm. Students follow the International Dance Teachers Association (I.D.T.A) syllabus but also have freestyle classes, thus encouraging personal style.

Tap Dance is a popular and enjoyable way to keep fit!

Contemporary Modern Jazz

Contemporary Modern Jazz is a discipline that has the ability to adapt and develop. It is a great foundation for Street Dance and encourages co-ordination, stamina and strength.

one minute you may be dancing to the rhythm of a drum, the next to a funky jazz style. You may explore contrast between expansion and relaxation or learn to isolate in a slick stylish mood. whatever the atmosphere of the class; it will be a wonderful opportunity to react and interact with other members and really dance to express your feelings.

Theatre Craft

Students learn different dance styles to develop a confident theatrical performance. They also study the technical aspects of the stage and production. Theatre craft prepares the body physically through exercise and stimulates artistic ability. Dancing with hand props, understanding stage make up and much more – it provides all the ‘must have’ qualities for a Theatrical career professional or amateur.

Pointe work

Pointe work is an exciting and essential part of a ballet student’s training.

Each student responds to the demands of Pointe preparation differently, and some will need longer than others to be ready for Pointe work.

Students will be notified when they are ready to go “en Pointe.” We will provide information about fitting Pointe shoes, and will schedule a private lesson, so that students can be introduced to Pointe technique and learn the proper care of their feet and Pointe shoes.


If you want to be stronger, more supple, toned or flexible then this is the class for you. Whatever you specialise in this class can help you improve your basic techniques even non dancers can benefit.

Acrobatic Arts

Through the International Acrobatic Arts Syllabus, we help dancers develop their strength and flexibility. A great class to develop Acrobatic skills to music.

Musical Theatre

These classes will bring joy! They are fun and energetic. Musical Theatre is a genre that includes Drama, Song and Dance for the all-round Theatre training. There are many benefits participating in a Musical Theatre program. Such as communication skills, improvement in reading comprehension, imagination through improvisation and expression. This syllabus helps students think outside the box be more confident going into unfamiliar situations and engage with emotions. Combined with Song and Dance Musical Theatre classes help to develop a healthy appreciation of culture and the arts.

Adult Ballet and Tap.

We have classes to suit the complete beginners or the more Advanced. Classes are relaxed fun and a great way to unwind.

Private Classes available.

Private Classes are available all year round for all ages and all styles at the LSQ. Please Contact for Further details.